Most Dangerous Characteristics Of Marketing Job Boards

Most Other Job Boards Only Post Ads for Employers Who Pay to Post There. Think about this for a minute. If a job board is only posting positions for companies that are paying to post their jobs there, how many positions do you think the job board is going to have? Essentially this means that you are going to be at the whim of how well the job board markets and whether or not the employers they market to have enough money to post ads-or are willing to do so. That is the reason why other job boards have less than 5% of the jobs that are on MarketingCrossing. Are we making sense yet?

MarketingCrossing does not charge employers to post jobs. In fact, it goes one step further by having a staff of more than a hundred full-time employees who do nothing but research the market and put the jobs they find on our site at no cost to employers. In addition, we contact employers and ask them to post their jobs with us, and because we are not charging them to do so, they almost always post jobs with us when they have jobs.

Most Other Job Boards Are Not Specialized. When a job board is not specialized, you get a smattering of everything. You may find some marketing jobs, but you will not find even a fraction of the jobs that are out there. Most job boards are not specific, and for that reason, they are primarily a waste of your time.

All we do at MarketingCrossing is post marketing jobs. We are extremely good at this. Because we are so specialized, we know everywhere we can find the jobs, and we know every employer who can offer them. Our efforts are focused. We are also a company that specializes exclusively in the marketing industry. We have numerous marketing professionals working for us. In addition, we are a content-based organization that writes extensively about the marketing world. Accordingly, we are in touch with what is going on.