Most Dangerous Characteristics Of Marketing Job Boards

Most Other Job Boards Only Post Ads for Employers Who Pay to Post There. Think about this for a minute. If a job board is only posting positions for companies that are paying to post their jobs there, how many positions do you think the job board is going to have? Essentially this means that you are going to be at the whim of how well the job board markets and whether or not the employers they market to have enough money to post ads-or are willing to do so. That is the reason why other job boards have less than 5% of the jobs that are on MarketingCrossing. Are we making sense yet?

MarketingCrossing does not charge employers to post jobs. In fact, it goes one step further by having a staff of more than a hundred full-time employees who do nothing but research the market and put the jobs they find on our site at no cost to employers. In addition, we contact employers and ask them to post their jobs with us, and because we are not charging them to do so, they almost always post jobs with us when they have jobs.

Most Other Job Boards Are Not Specialized. When a job board is not specialized, you get a smattering of everything. You may find some marketing jobs, but you will not find even a fraction of the jobs that are out there. Most job boards are not specific, and for that reason, they are primarily a waste of your time.

All we do at MarketingCrossing is post marketing jobs. We are extremely good at this. Because we are so specialized, we know everywhere we can find the jobs, and we know every employer who can offer them. Our efforts are focused. We are also a company that specializes exclusively in the marketing industry. We have numerous marketing professionals working for us. In addition, we are a content-based organization that writes extensively about the marketing world. Accordingly, we are in touch with what is going on.

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Online Marketing Success Requires Focused Effort

Many people fail to achieve online marketing success and in most cases this is due primarily to not staying focused on the task at hand. As harmless as this may seem in isolated instances the compounding effect of not focusing on what you are doing sabotages your ability to establish any type of foundation. Most any successful online businesses reached that status through the culmination of several seemingly insignificant accomplishments. However this is what building any business is all about, minor achievements that eventually lead to major stepping stones!

Here are 5 ways how not focusing on the ‘little’ things can easily keep you from being one of those online businesses that experience huge success!

Tasks Left Undone

When not staying focused on what you are doing your results in many cases will reflect an incomplete task left to clutter up your busy work schedule on another day. Most successful online businesses get that way through the consistent completion of any tasks or functions no matter how big or small they may be! Much like an assembly line once one job is finished attention is then turned to the next!

Lack of Quality Effort

Even when fully completing a job, when your are not paying close attention to what you are doing your results usually will not be of the highest quality! Of course when you add all these results up it is not reasonable to expect the great successes others are experiencing. As the saying goes garbage in garbage out!

Open to Distractions

By not staying focused on the job in front of you it becomes very easy to get distracted and many times this ends up with you wasted time! Now you are not only leaving certain responsibilities incomplete but you are also leaving yourself even less time to tend to them. This is a hole you do not want to dig for yourself!

Increase in Frustration

When your own efforts or at least the time you are investing continues to yield results that fall short of your expectations it is only natural to become frustrated. The danger here is that as frustrations mount so do errors which lead to you having to spend a lot of time on damage control which is not necessarily productive!

Loss of Motivation

Repeatedly falling short of your expectations will eventually take its toll and in most cases will deplete your motivation. One thing that most successful online businesses have in common is they are managed by people with a strong and unwavering motivation. Once you begin to lose yours it tends to make quitting a more attractive option. Here you really need to be careful since quitting can be habit forming stealing from you any dreams, goals and/or desires you may have or even develop in the future!

Your marketing success online will be determined by the culmination of many seemingly minor but successfully completed tasks. Therefore focusing on the task at hand will be of critical importance and is something every one of those successful online businesses before you have already mastered! Remember you can not expect to get great results from an unfocused effort but rather you can assume it will only serve to sabotage your success as discussed above. Your focus will be needed to accomplish the ‘little’ things that will eventually culminate in yours being another one those hugely successful online businesses!

Fashion Marketing Jobs In New York

A fashion marketing job has a huge opening in the city of New York and it includes quite a number of things. It encompasses marketing, retail selling, personal selling and wholesale of fashions goods like clothes, cosmetics, designer accessories and garments. Fashion marketing job provides opening into works of a sales manager, graphic designer, cosmetic representatives, sales representatives, retail sales executive, store manager, account executives, entry level marketing executive and sports wear manager.

In order to be successful in fashion marketing jobs in New York one must hold a formal bachelor or associate degree in fashion studies. In a city like New York, one really has to be smart and must possess a great communication skill teamed up with a charismatic personality.

If you are already bored with your current work which has nothing good to offer to you and is limiting your growth process, then perhaps the marketing jobs in the fashion world are some of the upcoming well paid jobs that would acknowledge your talents and skills to work diligently in this field. A person who has passion for fashion and modern trends is sure to do well in product and retail development of the related marketing jobs as it has many things to offer.

If he or she is skilled then there are lots to learn and extract from this world. Fashion savvy people with good analytical skills are always welcomed in cities like New York. There are many jobs opening for them. If you are a person who feels it strong about fashion merchandising and designing, then you are the perfect person who can offer a commendable service to this world.

Masters in marketing have a very promising career in this field. The normal bachelors are sorted after in this field so naturally the masters will be worshipped. Just some amount of knowledge with the latest upcoming fashion and the power to read the psychology of the target audience can get you really far in this field.

New York can easily be considered as a fashion capital. The fashion houses in such a city are just too large with efficient group of people handling the marketing works. They have the power to market their style statement successfully all over the globe. Most fashion marketing jobs expect its employees to work and coordinate properly in groups of teams. They have to keep in mind that all the teams are portraying images all over the world that are same. Any discrepancy can lead to the ruining of the brand name of big fashion companies.

It involves some amount of fun and a good amount of exposure to this world, managing of special events will naturally raise the self esteem of the marketers and they will automatically work to achieve larger goals.

Top Five Jobs For Felons

Finding employment after being released from prison can be one of the most difficult tasks a felon faces. No one wants to hire you but parole terms require you to have a job or go back to jail. Even if you do not have parole requirements, you have to support yourself and face the question on every job applicatrion:

“Have you ever been convicted of a felony?”

Over 80% of all employers use some form of background check today which greatly limits the job paths available to convicted felons and even those convicted of misdemeanors.

Here are some jobs that are available:

#3 Start your own business

This is one of the best options for ex-cons because you never have to go through a background check and never have to worry about being fired. The best businesses are low cost start-ups. Look for something you can do at home, on your computer, or something where people want to pay you to come to them. This avoids renting a storefront or office.
Some examples

Windshield repair – People pay you to come to their house and repair dings in their windshield. You can purchase a kit, practice on windshields in a junkyard until you are good enough, then offer your services through your local free newspaper.
Locksmith – There are many places where you can train to be a locksmith, even home study courses.

The big advantage of starting your own business is that there are no background checks. I recommend you buy some books on starting your business and a book on creating a business plan. Some books on marketing your business and the difference between a sole-proprietorship and a corporation would also be a good idea. This is a huge topic and much too complicated to go into here but you must do some research and understand at least something about running a business before jumping in. The important thing to do is research and study business books first. Most businesses fail because the person who starts it knows nothing about business. They hope to hang out their sign and the money will come in. It never happens that way. You will need a plan and you should start small.

#2 Medical Tests

It may not sound glamorous, maybe even scary, but it pays real money and they do not ask any questions other than health related ones. There are many medical studies going on around the country. These are not all for cancer or heard disease either. Somewhere a company has a new product that heals scars. They want people with scars who will try their product and let them photograph the results.

Some company has a new tattoo removal system and they need people to test it on. Some of these jobs are outpatient type jobs where they pay you a few hundred dollars a month. Others are in-patient where you are kept in a hospital and monitored. These pay the most and may involve testing new drugs, anti depressants, or they may simply want to see how a healthy person reacts to an anti-inflammatory drug. You may even be one of the people who receive the placebo drug that does nothing and not the real drug. Check the Internet or if you have a local teaching hospital or research center they may be able to help too.

#1 Recommended Job – Online Freelance Work

This is the best job for a felon because it requires no background check, no drug tests, no psychological tests, no certifications or anything else. You are hired based on what you can do and nothing else matters.

I am talking about remote, work at home type jobs. Not the fake jobs you see on the Internet like those assemble-junk-at-home jobs or copying names from the phone book type jobs, or stuffing envelope jobs, those are all scams. There are no such jobs in existence. There are however many legitimate work at home opportunities where small companies hire you online and pay up-front. These jobs may last a day, a week, or a month. You can work multiple jobs at once if you want or you can take a break or vacation anytime you feel like it. If you only want to work one day a week, you can do it. You have complete control over how much you make and when you work and you never have to go to a job interview again.

If you are good with computers that helps but it is not necessary. These jobs vary depending on what the company needs. You work for one company of a few days then work for the next company. The jobs range from computer programming, to data entry, webpage design, editing and proofreading, recording voicemail welcome messages, editing video, doing web research, forum marketing, writing sales letters, and anything else that can be done remotely. These jobs are posted on special Hire-Me Network sites by companies. You look through the listings and pick a job you want, then tell the company what you want to be paid and when you can complete the job.

Some other options are

#5 Delivery Driver

Many companies are willing to hire felons as delivery people as long as you have a clean driving record and no DUI’s. UPS has been known to hire felons.

#4 Join the Army

You can find a link to the US Army policy on hiring felons below.

#7 Telephone Customer Service

Many companies are willing to hire felons to handle phone based customer service.

#6 Temp Agency

Temp agencies are a good option. You will have to explain what your conviction was for and convince them it will not affect your work. Many companies that would never consider hiring a felon full time, will hire people from a Temp Agency or even short term contract people without a background check.

#5 Family Business

You may be able to work in a family or friend’s business.

#3 Truck Driver

It is a myth that all trucking companies are willing to hire felons. It is also difficult because special licensing is required for larger trucks. If you are on parole this kind of work may not be possible because the job will likely require you to go out of state. If you are not on parole then this would not be a problem. Truck driving jobs are not a sure thing and if you lack experience it is unlikely you will be able to drive an 18 wheeler, maybe smaller trucks.

This is a small section taken from the book Jobs For Felons which is available at Amazon for $6.95 but you can also download a free copy on the web. These are the top 10 jobs but there are many more and the book also explains more about the #1 recommendation, freelance work. This is only a few of the listings available plus you can find many agencies that specialize in helping felons find jobs, how to answer the question “Have you ever been convicted of a felone?” during an interview so that you are not immediately out of consideration and much more.